About Alpine Guides

In total, we at Randoguide have almost 100 years of experience with tours, courses and events across large parts of the world. Our strengths are that we are adults with years of experience and have great flexibility in relation to the time and timing of trips. We have a strong focus on safety and balance this in relation to the choice of tour, risk acceptance, decision-making and changes that mean we have to turn around quickly. We often work in new places and spend a lot of time on preparations and not least collaborating with an incredible network of guides and famous people in various places

We guarantee a pleasant and good experience on a trip with us – regardless of the weather and conditions!


“Nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes a little longer”

International mountain guide / IFMGA

Hans Christian (Hasse)

Hans Chr Wilson (Hasse) has worked as an international mountain guide for 20 years. He has experience as a climbing specialist in the army, industry climbing, skipper and guide on a sailing wessel, lived and worked in the Alps and built up the High & Low adventure park concept. He organizes, plans and adapts the trips according to wishes and ideas together with his guests. These are not package tours with registration, but tailor-made and customized tours. Specialties are skiing, cycling and alpine tours in Norway (Romsdalen, Sunnmøre, Lyngen, Jotunheinen, Vestlandet Hardangervidda+++) BC in Canada, the Alps and Russia (Elbrus, Siberia, Sochi). With long experience, a large international network, new projects also require extra preparation, something that triggers a sense of adventure. If you need a steady, safe, social and humble guide, Hasse is one of these.

International mountain guide / IFMGA


Ole comes from Molde and has Romsdalen as his nearest playground. Ole has worked as  international mountain guide for over 15 years and, among other things, has a background in industrial climbing and is part of the Romsdalen alpine rescue group. Ole is very versatile and does both skiing, climbing and trail cycling in addition to activities on the lake with kayaking. Ole is a really solid and humble guy with a lot of experience in the mountains and is always very pleasant to be on a trip with.




Eirik is a solid and trusted man from the west coast of Norway with long experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces as a paratrooper, pilot, mountaineering and survival expert, and avalanche instructor. Eirik is an avid cyclist both on- and off-road, and is riding thousands of km every year on roads and trails. He has planned, led and accomplished many challenging bike trips in Norway, The Alps, and in North America over the last decade. Eirik is known for his good mood and friendly smile, and is always ready for new adventures all year around


Unn Hilde

Unn Hilde has done more adventures than she thought she could do. She is a qualified kindergarten teacher and special education teacher and keeps things in good order whether it is trip planning, bookings, corporate events or office work. She is not afraid to throw herself into new challenges, whether it is Expedition Amundsen, climbing or ski trips.